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Better Websiting: Super Site Promotion

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Super Site Promotion

The introduction to Evan Schwartz' Digital Darwinism includes an apt metaphor for the state of business on the internet. In it, he describes how we are beyond the times of businesses founded on a simple, untested idea like selling a product. Winners must "invent breakthrough business tactics especially suited to their swiftly shifting surroundings."

Companies that want to prosper on the Web "must constantly adapt to their changing environment or face extinction.... [They have to] grow in a profitable direction and develop new skills and traits or perish." You have to be aware of the latest developments and discover your own innovations in order to exploit them for your company's success.

On the other hand, you must also know the general trends of websites so that you don't confuse your visitors by using tactics totally foreign to them. Menu interfaces must be intuitive, links look and act as expected (clicked to open instead of opening by hovering over a word, for instance), and so forth.

Hardly any of this even takes into account what you need to do to make a person sign up to your newsletter or buy a product. You can work countless hours on your site, but if it doesn't make an impact on people, you won't succeed on the Web. That's why you need this reference. In it, you'll find proven strategies for increasing your site's effectiveness and popularity without breaking the bank. Bookmark it and return often for frequent tips on these and related issues.