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Better Websiting: Super Site Promotion

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Your Site's Personality

Whether intentional or not, your website conveys an image of your company, a personality, to your readers. It can be one of excellence, playfulness, carelessness, professionalism, or a number of others. Each one gives visitors a certain sense of your business which affects their decision whether or not to buy from you.

A number of companies try to portray themselves online as very businesslike and formal in order to win customers. This approach may actually be counter-productive, though: Many people are not searching the Web for a faceless corporation, but for a friendly person with good advice on their subject of interest. Instead of picking a book off a store shelf, they want a friend to recommend it to them.

Your company can exploit this fact by making your content conversational instead of like a brochure. While remaining professional, use a style of chatting with a customer, not giving them a dull, jargon-riddled copy of your company manual. Write directly to your target audience, be they computer programmers or stay-at-home moms. In addition, don't just list your product descriptions and prices (though these are also necessary). Give potential customers the information they need to make their purchasing decision: product reviews, comparisons with the competition, testimonials from happy buyers, and so forth.

By using these strategies, you give visitors the information they're searching for and they reward you by purchasing your product or service. Everybody wins.

[Thanks to Luke from ChristianNerds for suggesting this topic.]